Top Traits of Effective New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys

In contemporary American society, we as consumers are taught to shop around for the product or service that best fits our needs. We conduct research, ask other people who have bought the item or service, and test things ourselves before we buy. While this approach can often go smoothly when looking to buy a new lawnmower or hire a babysitter, when it comes to employing a personal injury attorney things can become a little more complex.

When victims suffer an accident due to someone else’s negligence and this accident causes significant personal injury, the effects can be traumatic and life-changing. Although victims would like to take their time and heal physically and emotionally from the event, there are often time limits to consider when pursuing litigation. Therefore, it is imperative that New Jersey residents know what to look for in a quality personal injury attorney in their area.

According to the New Jersey State Bar Association, there are over 18,000 licensed attorneys practicing law in the state. While the data does not indicate how many of these attorneys practice personal injury law specifically, many firms such as Ferrara & Gable offer multiple areas of practice under one roof. To help New Jersey residents know what to look for in their legal counsel, read on for the top traits of personal injury attorneys in New Jersey.

Communication Skills

In any profession, quality communication skills extend way beyond precise articulation and an expansive vocabulary. To be a good communicator means to captivate your audience and deliver your points in order to achieve your goals. When talking specifically about personal injury attorneys, this ability to communicate well can very well mean the difference between achieving the maximum compensation amount possible for your damages or settling for something less than you deserve.


Every professional, regardless of their field, had to get their start somewhere. While a newly licensed personal injury attorney is not inherently a bad thing, clients often want to ensure that their legal representation has had sufficient experience in the courtroom and with the specifics of New Jersey state law. If you are considering employing a less-experienced attorney, look for signs of experience from the firm as a whole (e.g. experienced attorneys on the management team), and do not be afraid to compare their answers to those you receive from more experienced professionals.

Accommodating Schedule

New Jersey can see over 275,000 traffic accidents in a single year, with approximately 60,000 of those causing personal injury. In other words, personal injury attorneys in New Jersey are very busy individuals. When looking for your representation, ask them how they plan to work your case into their existing caseload and make sure you and your attorney develop a plan for regularly scheduled communication to review your case and any upcoming dates and deadlines.

Experienced Professionals in New Jersey

For decades, the attorneys at Ferrara & Gable have been helping residents in New Jersey fight for their right to fair compensation following an accident that causes personal injury. Contact Ferrara & Gable today for the experienced representation you can trust.