What to Ask During a Free Lawyer Consultation

Tips for Your Frew Lawyer Consultation

If you have been injured in an accident, it is a good idea to obtain the assistance of an experienced accident attorney who can help you pursue the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. Before retaining a lawyer’s services, however, you will often meet for a free lawyer consultation. Consultations provide accident victims with important details about their rights as well as their chances of obtaining compensation for the damages caused by the accident. Continue reading for information on what to ask during a free lawyer consultation.

How the Free Consultation Works

During a consultation, you will learn more about the attorney. A prospective client should ask a number of important questions about the lawyer’s experience and ability to successfully handle his or her case. The lawyer will also ask the client a number of critical questions about the case, including how the injuries occurred, the types of damages that resulted from the accident, and who was responsible for the accident. If the attorney determines that the client has a strong case, then he or she will likely make a recommendation as to how to proceed.

The following are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding initial personal injury lawyer consultations.

Question# 1: How Much Does the Consultation Cost?

Most personal accident law firms in New Jersey offer consultations free of charge. Because you will not be required to pay anything to attend the consultation, there is often no reason to resist attending this session.

Question # 2: How Do You Schedule a Consultation?

In many cases, all you have to do to schedule a free initial consultation is to contact an experienced attorney on the phone or by email to discuss your lawsuit. It is also possible to use a firm’s online contact form to arrange a free initial consultation.

Question # 3: How Much is Your Case Worth?

It is challenging to determine upfront how much a case is worth. In most situations, however, an attorney will be able to provide details about what you can likely expect to receive in compensation. Some attorneys promise clients much more than they are likely to receive in an effort to win the client over, so be cautious about an attorney who promises too much.

Question # 4: How Long Will the Case Take to Resolve?

It is a good idea to ask how long it will take for your case to resolve, though similar to predicting compensation awards, it can be tricky to determine how long a case will last. In almost all cases, though, it is not useful to expect that a case will be resolved in a few weeks. Most personal injury cases will take months or even years to resolve.

Other Important Questions to Ask

Some other important questions to ask a prospective personal injury include how much they charge, the types of personal injury law in which they have the most experience, and who exactly will be handling your case.

Speak with an Experienced Accident Attorney

At Ferrara & Gable, we focus on providing accident victims with answers to each of their questions during their initial consultations. Consultations with us are always free and after that, we do not take legal fees unless we are successful in obtaining compensation for you. Contact our law office today to learn more about the first steps that you can take toward obtaining the compensation you deserve.