Understanding Lawsuits Related to Burn Injuries

Burn Injury Lawsuit

Recently, a personal injury case received much media attention after a toddler was burned by a cup of coffee at a restaurant in Cherry Hill. The 19-month-old toddler’s parents claim that in August 2016, the little boy was sitting in a high chair at Amy’s Omelette House when he reached for a cup of coffee and knocked the contents of the container onto himself.

The event is reported to have occurred immediately after a waitress had re-filled the cup of coffee and alleges that the waitress was partially responsible for the accident. While the restaurant’s owner has expressed sympathy for what happened, the restaurant claims that video surveillance footage reveals the waitress never touched the cup in question.

The lawsuit currently seeks unspecified damages for the child as well as his mother. The injuries that the lawsuit claims the child incurred due to the spill include burns, nerve damage, and scarring.

This story is just one of the many examples of how burn accidents can occur. In the more severe cases, a person can end up facing injuries that significantly impact many aspects of daily living. As a result, many people who are harmed in accidents that leave burns find it critical to obtain the assistance of a skilled accident lawyer.

Types of Burn Injuries

The American Burn Association reports that each year, approximately 500,000 burn injuries occur. Other statistics reveal that approximately 300 children die each year due to fires that occur in residential homes. Not all burns, however, are exactly the same. Instead, there are several types of ways in which a person can be burned, including:

  • Chemical burns: Burns of this nature are caused by acid or chemical explosions.
  • Light burns: A person can experience these types of burns by coming into contact with either sunlight or ultraviolet light.
  • Radiation burns: Exposure to nuclear radiation can cause burns of this nature.
  • Thermal burns: These burns are caused by contact with extreme heat including fire, hot liquids, and steam.

No matter the cause type of burn, medical professionals further divide these injuries by severity based on a three-class system. Ranging from least to most serious, the three categories of burns include the following:

  • First-degree burns: In these injuries, only the top layer of a person’s skin is damaged. Burns of this nature frequently result in inflammation and redness. Fortunately, first degree burns often heal within the course of a week.
  • Second-degree burns: Burns of this nature extend past a person’s top layer of skin and are frequently characterized by red and blistered skin. Many times, second-degree burns take several weeks to heal.
  • Third-degree burns: These burns are the most serious and extend through every layer of skin and can damage internal organs as well as bones. In many cases, third-degree burns result in substantial nerve damage and in some cases can even result in fatalities.

Contact a Skilled Accident Attorney

Burns frequently result in painful and costly-to-treat injuries. Even the most basic burns are at risk of becoming infected. More serious burns can require years of medical treatment to fully heal and can create significant complications in performing many aspects of daily living.

If you or a loved one has been burned due to the carelessness or negligence of another person, you should not hesitate to contact an experienced personal injury at Ferrara & Gable. From start to finish, our legal counsel will remain committed to fighting to make sure that you receive the compensation that you are owed for burn-related damages. We have helped many people who have been harmed in a variety of ways, and we understand the numerous complications that you are likely facing. Contact our law office today to schedule a free case evaluation.