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When you have suffered a serious injury, it can be hard to know where to turn for help. You likely have concerns about your mounting medical bills. You may be worried that your family will suffer if you cannot work to help pay the bills. Perhaps you are now a caretaker for an injured loved one, and you don’t quite know how to keep going.

If you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you know exactly how difficult that situation is, but you may not realize how much a dedicated personal injury lawyer can help. At Ferrara & Gable, our Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers have more than 50 years of experience providing comprehensive legal representation to accident victims throughout New Jersey. We focus exclusively on personal injury claims so that we can better serve your legal needs with our in-depth knowledge and insight. If you’re ready to take back control of your future, we are here to help.

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Why should I work with the Cherry Hill injury attorneys of Ferrara & Gable?

At Ferrara & Gable, we are committed to working closely with you throughout the legal process to help ensure that your rights are well protected and that you obtain your rightful compensation. Further, we have the experience, skill, and commitment to represent you in court if the insurance company fails to make a settlement offer that adequately covers the damages you’ve suffered.

Our dedicated legal team is led by an attorney who has been recognized by the New Jersey Supreme Court and the National Board of Trial Advocacy as a Certified Civil Trial Lawyer. We have decades of successful litigation experience. We take an individualized approach to every case, and we always begin with careful preparation – running focus groups, working with jury consultants and the leading experts in those fields pertinent to the case at hand – to give you the best chance at success. This, coupled with our excellent litigation track record of multi-million dollars jury verdicts and settlements, leaves us extremely well qualified to handle your personal injury case.

Our motto is “lawyers helping people.” You can rest assured that you are our sole focus of concern. We listen to you and respect your needs and goals. We are here to help you at every step on your journey to recovery and well-being.

What is a “serious” personal injury?

There are times when we sustain injuries that we know will heal – a stubbed toe, a bad sunburn, a paper cut. These are painful in the moment, but that pain eventually subsides and life goes on. There are other times, however, where an injury can take far longer to heal, if it ever does at all. Serious and catastrophic injuries can leave you with substantial medical bills and follow-up care. They can keep you out of work or leave you unable to work again. They often cause chronic pain and discomfort, or lead to scarring and disfigurement.

These are the types of injury cases Ferrara & Gable handles. Our Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers represent people who have suffered life-altering injuries such as:

When another person or entity’s negligence or reckless behavior causes you harm, you have legal options. You shouldn’t have to bear the financial burdens that come with injuries that weren’t your fault. From complex fractures to paralysis, from disfigurement to whiplash, our Cherry Hill injury personal injury attorneys are your advocates no matter what kind of injury you have sustained.

What kinds of injury cases do your Cherry Hill attorneys handle?

Our Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers handle a wide array of claims on behalf of plaintiffs in New Jersey. Contact us today to learn more about our work in cases involving:

Vehicle accidents. Car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, and bike accidents are not uncommon, and they are often exceedingly dangerous. Ferrara & Gable can help level the playing field for you by handling all communication with the insurance companies from the start.

Nursing home and long-term care litigation. There are 873 facilities offering everything from day services to long-term residential care in New Jersey. Ferrara & Gable can help if your elderly loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home, assisted living facility, rehab center, or other long-term care facility.

Premises liability. These are also known as dangerous property claims, and they include slip and fall accidents, animal attacks, pool injuries, negligent security claims for assault, and more. We represent people in claims against private property owners as well as businesses.

Worksite accidents. Not everyone who gets hurt on a worksite is eligible for workers’ compensation. You can easily suffer injuries if you’re driving through a work zone, walking, or cycling near a construction site, or visiting a building that’s having work done.

Birth injuries. Birth injuries are among the most devastating types of claims. A diagnosis of cerebral palsy or Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) will change the course of your and your child’s life forever. If an act of medical malpractice or negligence by a nurse, a doctor, a midwife, a specialist, or a hospital administrator causes an injury or death, we can help you.

Products liability. We purchase many kinds of products that we trust to serve us well in our homes and in our lives. When one of these products ends up being defective, it can cause serious, even permanent injuries.

How long do I have to file a personal injury claim in South Jersey?

Generally speaking, the statute of limitations (or time limits) for a personal injury claim in New Jersey is two years. That means you only have two years from the date of your injury, or the date you could have reasonably known you were injured, to file your claim or lawsuit.

There are exceptions to this rule, however. Some cases may have a much shorter statute of limitations based on where they happened and who the liable parties are. The best thing you can do is call one of our Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers as soon as you can, so we can get started on your case.

What is my personal injury case worth?

Because every case is different, there is no set amount for an injury claim. Your overall award will be based on many factors, though in general, injuries that require more extensive medical care are likely to have higher awards.

The one thing that is the same in almost every injury case is your right to seek compensation for your losses. In legal language, these are called damages. New Jersey categorizes damages in two different ways:

Compensatory damages

These are damages designed to make you “whole.” They include economic damages, such as:

  • Medical bills and related costs, including medical devices, medications, therapy costs, and more
  • Lost wages/income, and loss of future earnings
  • Property losses and costs associated with your injury (like car repairs)
  • Costs for household services (such as car rentals or day care costs)

They also include non-economic damages, such as:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional/mental/psychological trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium (a loss of intimacy/companionship)

Punitive damages

Punitive damages are designed to punish wrongdoing. Under New Jersey Revised Statutes 2A:15-5.12:

Punitive damages may be awarded to the plaintiff only if the plaintiff proves, by clear and convincing evidence, that the harm suffered was the result of the defendant's acts or omissions, and such acts or omissions were actuated by actual malice or accompanied by a wanton and willful disregard of persons who foreseeably might be harmed by those acts or omissions.

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Personal Injury Lawyers

How much does it cost to work with a Cherry Hill injury lawyer?

It costs you nothing out of pocket to work with a Cherry Hill injury lawyer from Ferrara & Gable. Our firm works on contingency, which means that our pay is contingent upon us winning your case. We front all the costs of your case up through and including a trial. Once we have secured an award for you, we take our fee from that award. You pay for absolutely nothing throughout the process. Even the initial consultation is free.

How long does it take to settle a personal injury claim?

The length of time your case takes will depend on the severity of your injuries, the number of liable and at-fault parties, and the complexity of your case. Settlement negotiations may go back-and-forth between both parties for months, or they may take years.

What we want you to know is that we’ll never push for you to settle a case just because it’s faster. Doing so could deprive you of the full compensation you’re entitled to receive. Furthermore, once you agree to a settlement, you cannot go back later if your injuries turn out to be more severe, or if it turns out you cannot return to work. Our Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers take the time to determine the true extent of your injuries so we can offer more complete guidance about your next steps.

Is it better to settle a personal injury claim or go to trial?

Sometimes, it may be better to settle a case. As we said, settlements can take less time (though not always). Often, the outcome of a settlement is kept confidential; this can be a benefit if you wish to keep your award amount private. Finally, a settlement is a “sure thing.” Juries can surprise you, and there is always some level of risk when you decide to present a case to 12 strangers.

However, there are benefits to jury trials, too. Verdicts are generally made public, which means there is public accountability for the people or entities who caused you harm. It also means you have a chance to tell your story to the world. Though litigation can take more time and may require more expenses (such as costs for expert witness testimony on the stand), you may have a better chance at a higher overall award. When insurance companies refuse to do right by you, a jury may be the only chance you have at real justice.

The truth is that deciding to settle or deciding to litigate is ultimately up to you. As your attorneys, we’ll always be honest about your options and the potential outcomes of them. We’ll offer you advice based on our experience, but the decision will be yours to make, and we will respect it.

Do you have a Cherry Hill personal injury attorney near me?

Ferrara & Gable maintains an office at 601 Longwood Avenue in Cherry Hill, NJ. There is parking available, and a bus stop right up the block on Rt. 38. If you are too injured or ill to travel, we can schedule a phone or video consultation.

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