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Accidents with large trucks, such as tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, and tanker trucks, can result in catastrophic injuries and significant damages. At Ferrara & Gable, our Cherry Hill truck accident attorneys understand the immense physical, emotional, and financial toll that commercial truck accidents can take on victims and their families.

Our team of experienced Cherry Hill truck accident lawyers is dedicated to assisting accident victims in seeking justice and the compensation they deserve. We are here to help you physically and financially recover from your truck accident, and will work to secure the compensation to which you are entitled for your injuries and losses. Call us today.

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How often do truck accidents happen? notes that 5,788 people were killed in truck crashes in 2021, with 154,993 injuries. This represents a 47% increase in deaths over the past ten years, with a total of 46,283 fatalities from truck accidents in the United States.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the majority of large truck accidents happen on non-interstate roadways, with 74% of accidents. These accidents also tend to occur during the daytime hours, with 63.5% of accidents occurring during the day. September saw the most accidents in 2021, with 515 accidents.

What causes truck accidents in Cherry Hill?

Truck accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, often involving a combination of human error, environmental conditions, and mechanical issues. Some common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Driver fatigue. Fatigue is a significant factor in truck accidents. Truck drivers often work long hours and may not get sufficient rest, leading to drowsy driving. Federal regulations aim to limit driving hours and require rest breaks, but violations can occur.
  • Speeding. Excessive speeding by truck drivers can lead to accidents. Commercial trucks require longer stopping distances, making it crucial for drivers to adhere to posted speed limits and adjust their speed to road and weather conditions.
  • Distracted driving. Distractions, such as texting, using a phone, eating, or adjusting in-cab technology, can divert a truck driver's attention from the road and contribute to accidents.
  • Impaired driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication can impair a truck driver's judgment and reaction times, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Inadequate training. Truck drivers must undergo training to operate their vehicles safely. Inexperienced or improperly trained drivers may lack the skills needed to handle complex road situations.
  • Mechanical failures. Mechanical failures, such as brake failures, tire blowouts, and engine problems, can lead to accidents. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to prevent these issues.
  • Overloaded or improperly loaded trucks. Overloaded or improperly loaded cargo can affect a truck's stability and handling, making it more prone to accidents.
  • Weather conditions. Adverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow, ice, fog, and strong winds, can make driving challenging for truck drivers. Reduced visibility and slippery roads can contribute to accidents.
  • Inadequate maintenance. Failure to properly maintain a commercial truck, including brakes, lights, and safety equipment, can result in accidents.
  • Poor road conditions. Road conditions, such as potholes, uneven surfaces, and inadequate signage, can contribute to accidents, especially when combined with other factors.
  • Blind spots. Large trucks have significant blind spots, making it challenging for drivers to see other vehicles. Failure to check blind spots can lead to accidents during lane changes or turns.

Trucking companies, drivers, and regulatory agencies have a shared responsibility to address these factors and reduce the risk of accidents. When accidents do occur, victims may seek compensation through legal action to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. The attorneys at Ferrara & Gable understand how to hold the right parties liable and work to secure compensation for your losses.

What types of injuries are caused by truck accidents?

Truck accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, especially when they roll over. These injuries are often more severe and life-threatening than those in accidents involving smaller vehicles. The size and weight of commercial trucks, such as tractor-trailers and big rigs, can cause significant damage and inflict serious harm on other road users. Common injuries caused by truck accidents include:

  • Soft tissue injuries. Truck accidents can result in soft tissue injuries, such as sprains, strains, and contusions, affecting muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These injuries can cause pain, swelling, and limited mobility.
  • Bone fractures. High-impact collisions with trucks can lead to broken bones, including fractures of the arms, legs, ribs, and other areas of the body.
  • Brain injuries. Truck accidents increase the risk of head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Even mild concussions can have lasting cognitive and physical effects.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Truck accidents can result in spinal cord injuries, which may lead to paralysis, loss of sensation, and other severe neurological complications.
  • Internal injuries. The force of a truck collision can cause internal injuries, such as damage to organs like the liver, spleen, or kidneys, which may require surgery.
  • Chest injuries. Chest injuries, including contusions, fractures, and damage to the ribcage, can result from the impact of airbags or seatbelts in high-speed truck accidents.
  • Facial injuries. Airbag deployment or impact with the steering wheel can result in facial injuries, including fractures, lacerations, and dental damage.
  • Burns. In some truck accidents, fires or explosions can occur, causing burns of varying degrees, which may require extensive medical treatment and surgery.
  • Amputations. Severe truck accidents may result in traumatic amputations or injuries that require surgical amputations.
  • Fatal injuries. Tragically, truck accidents often result in fatalities, leaving grieving families to cope with the loss of a loved one.

Seeking prompt medical attention after a truck accident should be your priority, as some injuries may not manifest symptoms immediately. Additionally, consulting with a qualified Cherry Hill personal injury attorney is essential for understanding your legal rights and pursuing compensation for your injuries and related expenses.

What should I do after a truck accident in Cherry Hill?

Experiencing a truck accident can be a traumatic and overwhelming event, but it's crucial to take certain steps to protect your well-being and legal rights. Here's what you should do immediately after a truck accident:

  • Prioritize your safety. If possible, move to a safe location away from traffic to avoid further danger. Turn on hazard lights and use warning triangles or flares if you have them.
  • Call 911. Dial 911 immediately to report the accident and request an ambulance if you or a passenger is injured. This will ensure that law enforcement and emergency medical services are dispatched to the scene. Be prepared to provide details about the accident and any injuries. Cooperate fully with law enforcement officers. Provide an accurate account of the accident but avoid admitting fault or making statements that may be used against you later.
  • Take photos of yourself and your surroundings. While you wait for the ambulance, use your smartphone or camera to take photos and videos of the accident scene, including vehicle damage, road conditions, traffic signals, and any visible injuries. This visual evidence can be valuable for insurance claims and legal proceedings. Note: if you are too injured, as a passenger to take the photos, or have someone you trust take pictures of your injuries at the hospital or at home.
  • Gather information from anyone involved. If you are physically able, exchange information with the truck driver and any other parties involved in the accident. Obtain their names, contact information, insurance details, and the truck's license plate number. Additionally, gather contact information from any witnesses.

If you did not request an ambulance, or if you go home after your accident:

  • Seek medical attention/attend follow-up visits. Some injuries may not manifest symptoms immediately, and prompt medical attention can prevent complications. Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you possibly can, and attend all future appointments. Following the treatment plan is important for your help and your case.
  • Notify your insurance company. Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. Provide them with only the essential details and cooperate with their investigation. Avoid discussing the details of the accident with the at-fault party's insurance company without speaking to one of our attorneys first.
  • Schedule a free consultation with our firm. Bring copies of all accident-related documents, including police reports, medical records, and correspondence with insurance companies to our meeting (or send via a secure server, if you prefer). Bring copies of the photos, too, as well as any mechanic/repair bills, and any documentation you have about costs associated with the accident. If you needed to rent a car to get to doctors’ appointments, had to hire a tutor for your children, needed to hire a dogwalker, or had any expenses you would not have had if the accident never happened, bring us those bills.

Remember that truck accidents often involve complex legal and insurance issues, so seeking legal representation can be critical in securing a fair settlement or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Our experienced attorneys can assess the specifics of your case and guide you through the process while protecting your best interests.

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