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Information on Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in New Jersey

Cherry Hill lawyers helping South Jersey car accident victims secure medical and wage loss compensation

Most Cherry Hill car accident victims can’t afford to wait until their case settles or there’s a verdict. They need money now to pay their medical bills so they can maximize their recovery. They need money now to pay their daily living expenses while they’re not working. Depending on the policy, auto insurance may provide an immediate option, called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, for accident victims to receive money for these immediate bills. At Ferrara & Gable, our Cherry Hill car accident lawyers are ready to answer all your questions about how PIP insurance can help after a crash, and to help you seek compensation from any and all liable parties.

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What is Personal Injury Protection insurance?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance is vehicle accident insurance, usually purchased when you purchase your car or truck liability insurance. PIP provides for payment of the following expenses, without regard to who caused the vehicle accident up to the amount of coverage on the policy.

  • Medical bills. These include:
    • Ambulance and emergency room care
    • Surgeries and hospitalizations
    • Doctor visits
    • Rehabilitative care including physical and occupational therapy
    • Diagnostic tests
    • Assistive devices
    • Medications
  • If your injuries prevent you from working, PIP can be used to pay some of your lost wages. Payments generally start at $100 per week and can go up to $5,200 per week depending on your income level and your coverage amount.
  • Death benefits.

These benefits will be subject to a co-pay and deductible depending on your policy.

What is essential needs coverage?

PIP coverage should pay for your essential needs – basic needs while you’re seeking medical help. Essential needs should pay up to a $12-a-day limit for the cost of someone to do your laundry or house cleaning, the cost of childcare, or the cost of lawn care or snow removal. You will generally need to show receipts for these costs before being reimbursed.

Does PIP pay for pain and suffering in Cherry Hill?

No. A claim for pain and suffering is separate from any PIP claim, and our attorneys can help you understand your rights to sue and what you may be entitled to receive.

Should I buy the minimum coverage in Cherry Hill?

We recommend that you buy as much PIP coverage as you can afford. Even if you have health insurance, your health insurance may not pay all of your bills and you can still use PIP for your wage/income losses.

What rights do I have after I use up my PIP coverage?

You can file a personal injury claim if you have a qualifying injury or paid for the right to sue in your standard policy. You can also use any other insurance you have such as your health insurance and any disability insurance you have.

Who can claim PIP benefits through my car insurance policy?

If you have a PIP insurance policy, the following people can, or may even be required, to obtain PIP benefits through your policy:

  • The owner of the vehicle that is insured
  • Members of your household related by marriage or blood
  • Passengers in the vehicle that is involved in a car or truck accident

Do you have a Cherry Hill car accident lawyer near me?

Ferrara & Gable’s office is located at 601 Longwood Avenue in Cherry Hill, NJ. You can park nearby or take the Rt. 38 bus to our office. We also schedule phone or video consultations if you’re too ill to come to our office.

Our Cherry Hill injury lawyers will explain your right to PIP benefits and help you obtain those benefits.

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If you’re in a car or truck accident, you should seek immediate treatment at a local emergency room or burn center. You may need surgery and to be hospitalized. You need to review your medical condition with your family doctor and may need visits with specialists. You’ll need help adjusting to your injuries. On top of these medical expenses, you’ll need help paying your bills if you can’t work.

At Ferrara & Gable, our Cherry Hill car accident lawyers will help you obtain the personal injury protection benefits you deserve. We’ll also explain what other insurance coverage pays your bills, including the liability insurance of the driver responsible for your accident. Call us or contact us today to schedule a free consultation about your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

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