What to do if You are Injured in an Accident at Work

How to Respond if You’re in an Accident at Work

Despite numerous programs designed by companies to decrease the risk of workplace injuries, accidents still occur every day in this country. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that in 2016 there were 5,190 workers killed while on the job. When workplace accidents occur, it is common for workers to feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to proceed. The following will review some of the most important steps that every worker should take after experiencing an accident at work.

Report the Accident

If you are injured while on the job, it is important to promptly report the accident. While it might seem like obvious advice, there are a number of situations in which an employee is injured in the workplace and does not report the accident because he or she feels that medical attention is not required. When a worker fails to report an accident, an employer will often deny medical treatment as well as accompanying benefits if related health complications arise down the road. In some situations, a worker can even be denied workers’ compensation coverage.

File the Appropriate Paperwork

After a workplace accident, workers should file a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Claim. Failure to file a claim promptly can result in workers permanently losing the ability to obtain compensation. Navigating the workers’ compensation process can be challenging, however, which is why it is often a wise idea to obtain the assistance of a skilled attorney to ensure you receive the compensation you need to recover.

Take Photographs and Videos of How the Accident Happened

After an accident, if you are capable of moving around and it is safe to do so, you should take photographs or videos of the area where the accident occurred and any injuries that resulted. Collecting this evidence will help to establish how the accident occurred. You can never have too much evidence about how a workplace accident occurred.

Contact a Work Accident Lawyer

Workers who are injured on the job frequently do not understand how to navigate the Workers’ Compensation system. Claims are often denied or reduced because injured workers do not understand the benefits to which they are entitled. Fortunately, by obtaining the assistance of a skilled accident attorney, an injured worker can make certain that their rights are protected. In nearly all cases, your employer and their insurance carrier will have legal counsel to strengthen their case, by obtaining a skilled attorney, you can make sure that your rights are also protected. Because there are strict time limits to pursue a workplace injury claim, contact a skilled lawyer as soon as possible after an accident occurs.

Speak with an Experienced Accident Attorney

When workplace accidents occur, it is important for workers to quickly obtain the assistance of an experienced attorney. At Ferrara & Gable, we have represented numerous workers who were injured on the job. We understand just how devastating workplace accidents can be and are dedicated to fighting tirelessly to protect the rights of workers. Contact our law office today to schedule an initial free consultation.