Can I Sue if I Fall Off a Ladder at a Construction Site?

Each year, a large number of individuals at construction sites are harmed by falling off of ladders. Fortunately, a large number of cases involving ladder falls are preventable. Many ladder falls can be prevented if some essential safety advice is followed. In a large number of cases, the responsibility for ladder safety is held by developers, general contractors, and property developers. If one of these parties is responsible for a ladder fall, an injury victim is likely able to prevail in a legal action for compensation.

The Various Causes of Ladder Fall Accidents

There are some common ways in which ladder fall accidents occur:

  • Some ladder falls occur simply because workers pick the wrong type of ladder to use. It is critical that the height and weight restrictions be carefully followed when using a ladder. Individuals should also avoid placing objects on ladders that can fall and injure others.
  • A common factor of ladder falls are worker who use damaged, old, or worn ladders. If a ladder is worn down and no longer able to be safely used, there is an increased risk of falls occurring. Inspect every ladder prior to use.
  • Individuals should make sure to place ladders firmly and squarely on the ground. One of the best ways to make sure that ladders are firmly placed on the ground is to obtain the assistance of a spotter who will hold the ladder at its base.
  • There are a large number of ladder falls caused by worker error. In these cases, a person properly uses a ladder but fails to properly position the ladder before using it. Individuals should never reach too far when using a ladder or attempt to move a ladder while still on it.

Safety Advice When Using Ladders

There are some critical pieces of advice that individuals should follow to avoid being harmed by ladder falls. This advice includes the following:

  • Inspect ladders prior to each use to prevent any small conditions that could result in a ladder fall.
  • Ladder falls can result if a ladder is placed on an uneven surface.
  • Ladders should always be tall enough to allow an individual to access a work area without standing on the ladder’s top rung.
  • Proper safety gear should be worn while working on ladders to prevent slipping. Failure to wear adequate foot gear can result in others being harmed by ladder falls.
  • A spotter be located at the base of the ladder so that the ladder can remain secure.

Obtain the Assistance of a Seasoned Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one is harmed by a ladder fall, obtain the assistance of a skilled accident attorney at Ferrara & Gable. Our law firm has helped many individuals navigate the very complicated issues that can arise in these cases. Contact our law office to obtain the assistance that you require.