Can I Sue if I Get Electrocuted at Work?

A large number of electrocutions are deadly in nature or involve serious bodily injury. Some of the most common injuries that result from electrocutions include brain damage, cardiac arrest, hearing loss, internal organ damage, loss of vision, and seizures. In a large number of cases, individuals face a significant number of costs due to electrocution including large medical bills. Given these costs, many individuals who are electrocuted benefit enormously from initiating legal actions against the responsible parties.

The Most Common Ways in Which Electrocutions Occur

There is a risk of electrocution accidents occurring at home or work. Workers in some industries, including construction, are at particular risk of being seriously harmed by electrocution. One of the most common ways in which these accidents occur is when workers fail to follow safety regulations. Defective equipment is also known to result in electrocutions. Sometimes, bystanders can also be injured if they come into contact with faulty wiring or power lines.

Compensation for Injuries

Contact emergency services if you are electrocuted and experience burns, confusion, difficulty breathing, muscle pains, seizures, or any other serious medical complications. Electric shock injuries are diagnosed by medical professionals who gather information about the accident, perform a physical exam, and monitor a person’s cardiovascular activity.

Establishing  Liability When Electrocutions Occur

A skilled attorney is able to help victims determine who is liable for electrocution injuries and establish a basis on which a strong lawsuit can be built. If a person is electrocuted by a defective product, a person can likely obtain compensation from the product’s designer or manufacturer. If a victim is electrocuted while a customer or guest on someone else’s property, the person can establish a claim under premise liability law. A knowledgeable lawyer can examine the events surrounding an electrocution and help determine if other parties are also liable for a person’s injuries resulting from an electrocution.

Steps to Take if Someone is Electrocuted

It is critical that a person who is harmed due to electrocution see a medical professional. There are also some other important steps that individuals should take if an electrocution occurs. A person should avoid touching any individual who is still in contact with an electrical current. It is also important not to move a person with an electrical injury unless that person is in immediate danger. Another important step to take in case of electrocution is to stay away from high voltage power until electricity is turned off.

Contact an Experienced Electrocution Accident Attorney

Electrocution accidents can leave individuals unable to work and facing substantial medical bills. Compensation can be awarded for emotional suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses among other types of expenses. If you are facing such a situation, contact a top New Jersey electrocution attorney who will fight to make sure that the parties responsible for the accident are held accountable. Contact Ferrara & Gable today for assistance with your case.