Five Common Misconceptions About Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance companies spend a significant amount of time and money proving that they are capable of being trusted by consumers. These companies can still be difficult to deal with, however, when motorcycle accidents occur. There are many misconceptions that people have about motorcycle insurance. One thing that people fail to realize that New Jersey is a no-fault state, which means that each driver’s personal injury protection coverage is the driver’s first recourse to have his or her medical bills and other expenses covered after an accident. This article will outline some of the other common misconceptions that people have about motorcycle accidents in the state.

If you have been involved in a  motorcycle accident, contact a seasoned attorney who can outline the various options available to you.

Myth # 1: Minimum Insurance Coverage is Enough

Many drivers think that the minimum amount of insurance required by the state of New Jersey is sufficient for insurance. Many drivers who attempt to save a few dollars by carrying the minimum amount of insurance, however, discover that it often ends up more costly when accidents do occur.

Myth # 2: You Should Cancel Motorcycle Insurance During Winter Months

In many cases, people who attempt to save money by canceling their motorcycle insurance during winter months discover that creating a lapse in their policy actually causes their insurance costs to increase. Starting and stopping an insurance policy also creates a chance that a person’s registration will be canceled.

Myth # 3: Automobile Insurance Covers Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are specifically excluded from nearly all motor vehicle insurance policies. Simply put, a car’s insurance policy will not cover damages associated with a motorcycle accident. As a result, you must make sure to obtain your own motorcycle insurance coverage apart from any motor vehicle insurance that you might own.

Myth # 4: Homeowner’s Insurance Covers Motorcycle Accidents

Much like motor vehicle insurance policies, homeowner’s insurance excludes accidents that occur on vehicles that require a state registration. This means that a motorcyclist should not fall for the misconception that a homeowner’s insurance policy will cover accidents that occur while riding a motorcycle.

Myth # 5: The Driver Who Caused the Accident Will Pay

The other driver’s insurance policy will not cover a motorcyclist because the motorcyclist was not traveling in the vehicle at the time the accident occurred. Instead, a motorcyclist will often need to file a personal injury suit to obtain compensation unless a court decision or settlement is obtained. If a case does proceed to trial, it often takes years to obtain compensation. As a result, it is a much better idea for a motorcyclist to carry his or her own insurance.

Contact an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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