Common Personal Injury Cases and Verdicts

Personal injury claims allow a person who was injured as the result of another person’s carelessness or negligence to obtain compensation. Although the most common types of personal injury cases involve motor vehicle accidents, there are a number of other types of accidents that lead to serious injuries.

No matter the type of accident in which you were involved, an experienced accident attorney can help you fight for the compensation that you deserve from the party responsible for your injuries.   

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Our law firm has helped people navigate a number of personal injury cases, but some of the most common accidents that we encounter include:

  • Medical malpractice. The negligence of medical professionals can sometimes result in serious injuries. This malpractice can include birth injuries, improper treatment, misdiagnosis, and surgical errors.
  • Motor vehicle accidents. Each year, millions of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents, and many are even killed. Fortunately, people who are involved in motor vehicle accidents are often able to pursue compensation.
  • Premise liability. When accidents are caused by a dangerous or defective condition on a property, it is possible to pursue legal action against the property owner.
  • Product liability. Statistics compiled by the National Safety Council reveal that a person is injured approximately every seven seconds by a defective consumer product. Improper warnings, as well as defectively designed products, can lead to serious injuries. If you have been harmed as a result of an unsafe product, a skilled attorney can help you pursue the compensation that you deserve.
  • Workplace accident. When a person is injured or killed while working for an employer, they often are able to pursue legal action to obtain compensation for the resulting damage.
  • Wrongful death. These accidents occur when a person is killed as a result of someone’s carelessness. The survivors of the deceased person are allowed to pursue compensation for a variety of damages associated with the end of life process.

Factors That Influence the Personal Injury Compensation

Only a small number of personal injury lawsuits result in millions of dollars in compensation. The cases that result in the highest amount of compensation tend to include some combination of the following:

  • The party responsible for the accident was grossly negligent or deliberately caused the injuries
  • The victim experienced a substantial amount of pain following the accident
  • The victim has a spouse or children who rely on him or her for love or support
  • The victim is unable to return to work
  • The victim now requires continued medical treatment
  • The victim will now face a permanent disability as a result of the accident

To determine the exact damages that you might be able to pursue following your accident, one of the best steps that you can take is to speak with a knowledgeable accident lawyer. 

Speak with an Experienced Accident Attorney

In any type of personal injury case, one of the best and first important steps that that an accident victim should take is to speak with a skilled attorney. From start to finish, a knowledgeable New Jersey personal injury lawyer will have your best interests in mind. Contact Ferrara & Gable today to schedule a free initial consultation.