Are Your Favorite Fall Snacks Good For Your Children?

Autumn means it’s time for Spiced Wafers and Ginger Snaps. Each year we buy them but this is the first year I read the package. My curiosity was raised when I saw the package said:

“Not for Sale in CA”.

After doing some research I found that there is lead and lead compounds in molasses and molasses are in these products. Since lead has been proven to be neurotoxic to humans, California banned them and took enforcement action.

See one of the court filings here:

Since the Sweetzels brand is a local item, made outside of Philadelphia, the loss of sales in California probably don’t matter. But, they should matter to those of us in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. We’re not eating them anymore, and urge you to do your own research. And maybe ask the company to get the lead out before it harms our children.