Five Tips for Finding the Best Accident Lawyer in New Jersey

If you have been injured in an accident in New Jersey and suffered harm due to another party’s misconduct or neglect, you have likely suffered through an emotional event. Not only are you facing your possible physical injuries, but emotional, mental, and financial ones, as well. This time can feel overwhelming, and you need guidance to determine your best course of legal action. Continue reading for tips on finding a suitable accident lawyer in New Jersey.

The landscape of New Jersey car accident lawyers is vast, and you need to know how to find the best accident lawyer to give you legal advice in New Jersey. When making a decision about how to find the best attorney, follow the following tips to make sure that your case receives the assistance of the best counsel possible.

What to Look for in the Best Accident Lawyers in New Jersey

This article will list five pieces of advice that an individual should follow when selecting an attorney so that you can understand your rights after an accident and the best way to handle property damage.

An Accident Attorney Should Have a Team of Investigators


An expert witness is, “a person who is permitted to testify at a trial because of special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field that is relevant to the case.” Expert witnesses provide specific testimony to support your position in an automobile accident case. Their expert testimony in your personal injury case can lead to greater compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages.

Oftentimes, an attorney will have his or her own investigation experts. Having an expert witness who is readily available proves particularly helpful in gathering information about a person’s case and in constructing a strong legal strategy. From brain injuries to car accident reconstruction, experts can gather all relevant evidence about how your motor vehicle accident occurred and make a determination about exactly how the event occurred and who should be held responsible.

If your New Jersey car accident attorney works closely with experienced investigation experts, this can help determine not only if your case is a strong one, but how much compensation you are owed for pain and suffering, medical expenses due to injuries, or lost wages after a car accident injury.

Find an Accident Lawyer in New Jersey That is Versatile

Everyone wants to find an expert attorney who specializes in their particular field of law. While this is an excellent trait to look for in a lawyer, many cases require more than one area of expertise. A lawyer should be able to interact with other professionals who might become associated with a case.

Some types of professionals who may become involved in a personal injury case include medical experts and physicians. Each of these parties can prove important in making sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Finding an attorney who can look at your case from multiple angles, have access to various types of experts, and other resources will help you ensure that your case receives the attention it deserves and that you are best able to obtain compensation for your personal injury claims.

Make Sure the Attorney Has Significant Experience

Experience matters, especially when your health, financial stability and future outlook are at stake.  You want someone to represent you that has your best interest in mind, and also has the experience to help you understand your rights and obtain the compensation you are owed for your personal injury case.

Obtain the assistance of an attorney who has experience in handling personal injury cases. A lawyer’s track record can be assessed by examining the number of years the lawyer has practiced and his or her track record, which indicates the attorney’s likelihood of reaching favorable results. To determine a lawyer’s track record, individuals can perform some simple internet research or ask friends and family members who have relied on the assistance of that attorney.

The choice of an attorney should be up to your sole discretion, however, finding an injury attorney with a proven record of success with your type of case solidifies the possibility that he or she may obtain similar results for you.

Be Wary of Ambulance Chasers

Advertising allows anyone to say almost anything. Oftentimes, attorneys advertise that they can obtain accident victims the money they deserve but fail to deliver on that promise. If you have been a victim of a car accident, it may be tempting to seek legal counsel quickly in order to initiate your personal injury or car accident case.

While this type of legal counsel might be helpful in obtaining a quick settlement, it is often a better idea to obtain the assistance of legal counsel who will handle your case in a more thorough and personal manner.

Check to See the Attorney Has Accolades or Awards

Successful attorneys have ways to prove that they are successful beyond word of mouth references. Receiving accolades or awards from their peers and other industry recognition goes a long way to determine if their claim of expertise is solid. Typically, attorneys will boast of their accomplishments on a website, and illustrate how they are a strong member of the community and have advocated successfully for their clients.

There are numerous agencies that make assessments about the strongest lawyers in the area including which attorneys are the best in various fields of law. Individuals determine various recognitions an attorney has received by reading that lawyer’s website or visiting the agencies’ websites to search for any mention of the lawyer.

New Jersey Auto Accident Experts

If you have been injured in a car crash or have another personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Avoid speaking to any auto insurance company representative without the assistance of legal counsel.

A skilled auto accident attorney understands how to best handle your case. Offering seasoned and knowledgeable counsel, Ferrara & Gable will fight for your rights to make sure that your case is resolved in the best possible manner. Contact us today for a free consultation.