What You Need to Know About Lithium Ion Battery Settlements

One of the aspects of modern life on which many of us have grown to depend is the ability to carry and use portable devices without the need to have them constantly plugged into a wall.  As a result, a number of everyday products like laptops, smartphones, and tablets rely on lithium-ion batteries. While these batteries offer the ability to hold charges for a period of time, they come with the risk of serious injuries. Continue reading to learn about lithium-ion battery settlements and what to do if you are injured by one.

If you or a loved one has been injured by using a lithium-ion battery, it is critical to understand that you have the right to pursue compensation.

The Role of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Slightly different from AA batteries, lithium-ion batteries are responsible for charging a number of important electronic devices. One of the differences from more traditional batteries is that lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable and frequently built directly into electronic devices.

Fueled by lithium, these batteries are also capable of storing energy efficiently, which means that they do not lose their charge as readily.

How Lithium Batteries Work

Like other batteries, lithium-ion batteries operate by storing energy and then releasing the charged through delayed chemical reactions.

Batteries contain two electrodes, where electricity either enters or exits the battery. One of the electrodes is filled with negative charges while the other end contains positive charges. A barrier is used to protect these two electrodes from connecting because this can lead to explosions and fires.

When lithium batteries do explode, it is often due to manufacturing defects. These defects are commonly caused by overheating, which results in many electronic devices presenting users with a warning that the device is too hot and needs to shut down.

Another common reason why lithium batteries can cause fires or explosions is when extraneous material ends up inside of the battery, which can result in shorts that cause explosions.

Injuries Commonly Caused by Lithium-Ion Battery Explosions

A number of electronic devices including smartphones and laptops are often in close proximity to a user’s face. As a result, when explosions or fire occurs, there is a significant possibility that serious bodily injury or facial injuries can occur.

Accidents caused by lithium batteries have led to a substantial increase in the number of burn injuries seen in emergency rooms. These burns are frequently painful in nature and necessitate complex medical procedures including skin grafts and can also result in lasting pain and disfiguring scars.

Liability & Lithium-Ion Battery Settlements

When injuries are caused by lithium-ion batteries, there are a number of parties that can potentially be held responsible. These include the parties responsible for manufacturing, selling, and distributing the device that contained the battery.

An experienced accident attorney can often help you determine the exact parties that you will be able to hold responsible for your injuries.

Speak with an Experienced Defective Product Lawyer

If you or a loved one was harmed by a lithium-ion battery, it is important to understand that you might be able to receive compensation for the resulting losses.

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