What Should I do if My Neighbor’s Dog Bites Me?

Even though most dogs are friendly by nature, some have the potential to become upset and attack humans. A dog’s owner is responsible for taking reasonable steps to make sure that his or her dog does not bite others. Understandably, if you are attacked by your neighbor’s, or someone else’s dog, it can be hard to know how to respond and what to do first. This article will review some essential steps that individuals should take if bitten by a neighbor’s dog.

Step #1: Make Sure to Receive Medical Attention

It is imperative to immediately seek medical attention after being attacked by a dog. Dogs are known to transmit rabies as well as other diseases through bites. These diseases can become much more severe if not treated immediately. Individuals should always avoid attempting to capture the dog and instead focus on caring for the bite. It is often a poor decision to see if the wound will heal by itself. Instead, a medical professional will be able to examine the bite for potential damage and make sure that adequate treatment is received.

Step #2: Document How the Accident Happened

As soon as possible after receiving medical attention, it is important to document in your own words exactly how the accident happened. These details can help individuals avoid forgetting important details about an accident. Have someone that you know obtain the information while you receive medical assistance. Not only should you record the contact information of any witnesses to the attack, take pictures of any evidence about how the accident occurred. If the dog’s owner is insured, a person should also collect information about that person’s insurance company. In some cases, the person might later receive a call from that individual’s insurance carrier.

Step #3: Decide if Negligence was Part of the Accident

There are various ways in which negligence can result in a person being attacked by a dog. Sometimes, a person might know that a dog is dangerous but fail to take measures to protect others from being attacked by the animal. If the neighbor showed carelessness in any manner, it is important to document any evidence of this behavior.

Step #4: Talk to Your Neighbor

Discuss the matter calmly with your neighbor, if you can. In many cases, a neighbor might offer to assist with medical bills and take precautions to make sure that similar accidents do not occur in the future. If you can resolve the issue with your neighbor, this can prevent potential complications.

Step #5: Speak with a Knowledgeable Accident Attorney

If you have been bitten by a dog and your neighbor is uncooperative in any manner or continues to let the dog behave in a dangerous manner, speak with a seasoned attorney who has helped other individuals whom have been harmed in similar animal attacks. Contact Ferrara & Gable today.