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New Jersey Transit Bus Accident Sends 5 To The Hospital

However, early Thursday morning a commute turned into a nightmare for three passengers and a driver when the bus they were riding on ended up on a front yard in Hackensack. All the commuters and the driver, along with the driver of another passenger vehicle, were taken to the hospital with injuries following the bus accident.

At this point investigators are not sure what happened. The bus was approaching a traffic signal that was blinking red when either the bus or the passenger vehicle ran the red light. Since the bus ripped the signal’s control box out of the ground, police were not sure which vehicle had run the light.

In looking at this case there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Mainly, was the bus driver of the driver of the passenger vehicle responsible for the crash? Knowing this, those who were injured will know who to hold responsible for their injuries.

In general, cases such as this one can get rather confusing. This is where an attorney with experience handling bus accident cases in New Jersey can help to see where the responsibility should lie. Once this is known, those injured can go about making claims in order to possibly receive compensation for their damages.

Source:NJ Transit bus crash in Hackensack sends five to hospital,” Myles Ma, May 2, 2013