OSHA Releases Campaign To Help Prevent Falls

Those who work in the construction industry are unfortunately all too familiar with the dangers that can be present at their workplace. Many of these projects will be under tight time constraints, and need to be completed as soon as possible. Employers and contractors will need to plan out the project ahead of time to meet these deadlines.

With so many different people performing so many different kinds of work, the potential for a construction accident is greatly increased. When these accidents happen, it can lead to serious injuries or even death for the construction worker.

Falls most typical construction site accidents

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the agency responsible for workplace safety in the United States, falls are the most common type of construction accident. Falls can happen at any time, at any type of jobsite, including construction on new multi-story buildings, residential home roof replacements, as well as roadway repair.

In reviewing 2010 accident statistics, OSHA found that falls accounted for 264 of the 774 deaths that occurred in construction accidents. As a result of the high number of falls that continue to injure and kill workers each year, the agency created safety campaigns designed to increase awareness about the dangers to workers present at jobsites. This year’s campaign lists three crucial steps that employers and employees can follow to help reduce the amount of falls that occur.

Steps to safety

First, OSHA recommends that employers take the time to properly plan out any construction projects before work is started. If workers will be working above ground, employers should take steps to ensure that the work will be able to be performed safely.

The second step is for employers to provide the right equipment. Ladders, scaffolding and personal restraint systems should be accessible to workers in fall-prone areas. Employers should also be sure to check that the equipment stays in proper working condition, and replace any defective equipment before work is started.

The final OSHA recommendation is for employers to train their employees on safety techniques, as well as how to use the safety equipment that has been provided. Workers need to know about the dangers they may be facing, and instructed on how they can prevent accidents such as falls from occurring.

If an accident happens, workers need to report these injures to employers as soon as they happen. While it can be difficult to miss work, it is important to seek medical attention if necessary. Those who have been injured in construction accidents should speak an experienced attorney to discuss their cases. Injured workers need to follow specific requirements in order to recover compensation for their injuries under workers’ compensation laws, and a lawyer can help them obtain all the benefits they need to help them heal.