Pedestrian Accidents in New Jersey: What Residents Should Know

In contemporary American society, the amount of transportation options available to citizens seems to be constantly growing. While some own their own cars, others rely on ridesharing services, mass transportation, bicycles, and even electric scooters to get from A to B. While all of these modes of transportation were invented to help make our lives easier, many individuals still choose to walk to their destinations, especially in metropolitan areas. While many pedestrians focus on the financial, health, and climate benefits of walking, it is easy to forget the risk of personal injury involved in walking, especially in areas of high motor vehicle traffic.

Reports indicate that in 2020, New Jersey experienced an uptick in pedestrian deaths, even though the COVID-19 pandemic kept many residents inside and home from work. According to the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, the state regularly experiences a disproportionately high number of pedestrian personal injury crashes and deaths compared to the national average.

When pedestrians are struck by a motor vehicle and incur personal injury as a result of the accident, they are often interested in knowing their rights regarding litigation to recover compensation for damages due to the incident. To successfully accomplish this goal, many accident victims require the services and counsel of an experienced local personal injury attorney.

These legal professionals can help accident victims in many different ways. For one, they can help victims to better understand the legal processes and obstacles that must be navigated to successfully win their case. Additionally, a personal injury attorney can help victims evaluate their unique case and determine if negligence was present in any form, from any party involved.

Although frequent consultation with a personal injury attorney is always the preferred course of action, there are some general points of knowledge regarding pedestrian accidents and safety to which every New Jersey resident should be made aware.


Safety for Pedestrians

The Department of Law and Public Safety has presented a number of tips for pedestrians in order to help curb the state’s high accident rate. For example, pedestrians are advised to cross the street only at corners and intersections and to stay within the marked crosswalks when they are present.

In addition, pedestrians must yield to oncoming vehicles if crossing at any other location than those mentioned above. If pedestrians do not adhere to this rule, they face a fine and additional potential consequences.

The department also advises pedestrians to be responsible when consuming alcohol and walking around high-traffic areas. Failure to comply with stated rules and safety guidance can be considered negligence in the eyes of a personal injury court, which can ultimately inhibit victims from receiving maximum compensation for their damages.


When to Contact an Attorney

When pedestrians are involved in accidents with motor vehicles, the experience can be traumatizing and pursuing legal action can be hard to do. Thankfully, the attorneys at Ferrara & Gable have been helping accident victims across New Jersey navigate this process for years.  Contact Ferrara & Gable today for expert insight you can trust.