Safety Tips to Reduce the Risk of Heavy Machinery Accidents

This summer, a machinery worker at a Berry Plastics plant died in an accident while operating a piece of equipment. This is just one example of the many accidents that occur in New Jersey involving heavy machinery. This case highlights the dual-sided nature of machinery usage. The introduction of machinery into the workplace has let workers achieve many objectives that were previously unobtainable. Unfortunately, if heavy machinery is not properly operated, workers can be greatly injured and even killed. While not every heavy machinery accident is avoidable, there are fortunately some tips that workers can use to make sure that they avoid the risk of being seriously harmed by heavy machinery.

Avoid Interfering with Moving Machinery

If machinery is on, workers must avoid interacting with both the machine and the worker that is using the device. In some cases, machine workers can become distracted. Workers also must be careful to avoid coming too close to a machine and being struck by moving parts. Workers should also use proper lifting techniques, which include wearing back support and lifting from the knees when a heavy object is involved.

Create a Work Plan

Even machines that are properly operated are at risk of malfunctioning. As a result, it is important that workers have a plan in place in case a machine begins to operate in an unreliable manner. Workers should also remember that they should never rely entirely on employers to ensure safety. Instead, workers must remain cautious of their surroundings. Workers should also identify any potential hazards and report these issues to their foreman or supervisor.

Only Use Machinery for Which You are Properly Trained

All machinery requires a person to successfully operate the equipment to work safely. Often, a worker must obtain certain licensure and receive hands-on training before that worker can safely use a machine. Failure to learn how to use a machine before operation has the potential to seriously injure and can even kill a person. Workers must also always avoid goofing off around heavy machinery because this can result in serious injuries.

Use Adequate Machine Guards

Machine guards protect workers from debris that might fly back and hit them. As a result, it is absolutely vital that machines that have a risk of being struck by an object contain these guards.

Wear the Proper Safety Gear

Workers who use any type of heavy machinery that requires safety equipment must make sure to wear this gear. Failure to wear the proper safety gear can leave workers exposed to a variety of dangers. It is important for workers to always remember that it is better to exercise caution and wear too much safety gear as opposed to not enough. The appropriate safety gear often includes but is certainly not limited to back gear, earplugs, gloves, goggles, hard hats, and sharp-toed shoes.

Contact a Machinery Accident Lawyer

Heavy machinery helps workers achieve a variety of tasks. These machines are also capable, however, of causing severe injuries. Even workers who do follow all safety precautions, however, are still at risk of being seriously harmed or even killed. When machinery accidents do occur, it is a wise idea to obtain the services of a knowledgeable attorney. Contact Ferrara & Gable today.