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Study Analyzes Why More Women Are Driving Drunk

Due to the fact that drinking and driving is a real problem in the U.S., a group of researchers recently got together to analyze data on just one segment of drinking and driving: Women who drink and drive. At hand, researchers were looking at why there has been an increase in the number of women arrested for driving while intoxicated.

One of the presenters, Thomas Brown, referred to the issue of women driving intoxicated as “epidemic,” pointing to the fact that — just like men — these women who drink and drive tend to have cognitive issues with executive judgment. Basically, this is just a scientific way of saying these drivers have issues with taking actions before thinking.

In looking at the issue of women drinking and driving, while more men are still arrested than women, advocacy and outreach has resulted in a decrease in the overall number of men arrested for drunk driving. However, there has been no decrease in terms of women arrested for driving while intoxicated. In fact, that gap between the two genders is actually closing with arrests among women increasing 30 percent between 1998 and 2007.

In New Jersey, while drunk driving accidents often lead to arrests and criminal consequences for drivers, those injured should also remember there can be civil consequences in the form of lawsuits. This can end up resulting in the person injured receiving compensation.

To learn more, talk with an attorney who has experience handling New Jersey drunk driving accidents.

Source: TIME, “Why Women Drink and Drive,” Katy Steinmetz, Jan. 24, 2013