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Surgeons Who Play Video Games Make Fewer Surgical Errors

Studies focus on surgical errors and try and figure out ways to prevent these mistakes from happening, or at least greatly reduce the likelihood of a surgical error taking place.

One of these recent studies focused on the effect playing video games can have on surgeons. The findings are certainly good for the younger generation of surgeons who have grown up playing video games, with many still playing on their handheld personal devices such as tablets and smartphones.

According to the study, those who played video games for more than three hours per week had 37 percent fewer surgical errors. These surgeons were also 27 percent faster and performed 42 percent better on suturing and laparoscopic surgery drills.

The thought behind these findings is that the video games equate to better hand-eye coordination, a skill that is helpful both in traditional surgeries and robotic surgeries.

The study also tested how effective video game warm-up exercises are for surgeons. This proved to fall in line with the other findings, as those surgeons who warmed-up with video games first made fewer mistakes and, again, were quicker.

However, while this study is positive, the truth is that not all surgeons play video games and playing video games does not guarantee that mistakes will not be made. Regardless of video games, in cases where it is believed a surgical error was made, a personal injury attorney should still be contacted.

Learn More Here: Can Video Games Help Train Surgeons?” Tracy Hampton, April 4, 2013

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