Consumer Protection Against Harmful Defective Products

Dangerous medications, equipment that breaks while in use, faulty automobile parts, and toys with lead paint are some of the most common types of defective products that can seriously injure and even kill consumers. To determine whether you are at risk of being harmed by a defective product, it can help to obtain the assistance of skilled legal counsel. These cases are complex and involve a complicated body of laws, so it helps to understand the basis for defective product cases.

The Various Types of Product Liability Claims

Being aware of the ways in which products can harm people who use them is one of the best ways for consumers to take precautions against these objects. There are three types of product liability claims, which include the following:

  • Design Defects: Designers must consider various safety concerns when creating products including available technology, potential safeguards to protect users of the product, and safer alternative designs. Products can be defectively designed in such a manner that they can harm users. These cases often require the assistance of skilled witnesses who can provide testimony on important issues about the creation process for the product. Design defects can include heart devices that are improperly designed and eventually fracture or leak.
  • Failure to Warn Defects: Product manufacturers must warn consumers about the various risks of injury that are associated with their products. Some users are harmed by products because the product does not contain adequate instructions or warnings. In many situations, a product manufacturer is aware of the risks associated with a product but fail to adequately warn consumers. One example of failure to warn in a product is a manufacturer who fails to properly inform parents about the risks associated with using a car seat in an improper manner.
  • Manufacturing Defects: In some cases, a small sample of products from an entire line is manufactured in such a way that they contain flaws that can harm individuals. In these cases, the product is safely designed, but the consumer is still injured. In almost all cases involving manufacturing defects, these cases involve only one or a small number of injured consumers. One example of a defectively manufactured product includes a toy that is properly designed, but some units come off the assembly line with fractured parts that pose choking risks.

No matter the reason that a person is harmed by a defective product, it is always a good idea to initiate a legal action as soon as possible if an injury is incurred. Statute of limitations exist in these cases, which require victims to properly initiate a claim within an established period of time.

Contact a Seasoned Defective Product Attorney

If you are harmed by a product you believe is defective, one of the most important steps that injured parties should take is contacting an experienced lawyer. Our attorneys will carefully evaluate exactly how your case occurred, investigate all applicable evidence, review documentation about resulting injuries, provide guidance throughout the negotiation process, and if necessary, create a strong case against the opposing party in a court of law. Not only will our talented legal counsel create you a strong legal strategy, we will also remain committed to making sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. This compensation can include lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering in addition to other types of damages. If you are harmed by a defective product, contact Ferrara & Gable and fill out our free case evaluation today.