10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Jersey Accident Attorney

Accidents can be overwhelming and leave individuals with questions about how to proceed with matters. As a result, it is important for individuals to understand the most important details to ask a New Jersey accident attorney if they are harmed in an accident.

#1: What is Your Contingency Fee?

A large number of personal injury accidents involve a contingency fee arrangement with legal counsel. These arrangements mean that no legal fee is required unless the attorney is successful in obtaining an award for the victim. Because accidents can frequently result in individuals being left without much money, contingency arrangements are particularly attractive to many individuals who are worried about paying an attorney up front.

#2: What is the Attorney’s Track Record?

Many attorneys advertise coverage of personal injury cases but lack the experience necessary to make sure your case resolves in the best possible manner. It is wise to ask what an attorney’s particular experience is handling cases similar to yours. If an attorney lacks the experience necessary to obtain successful results in your case, continue searching for an attorney who can better handle your case.

#3: What is My Case Worth?

While there is no universal answer to how much a person’s case is worth, a knowledgeable attorney is often able to provide a person with an idea of what their case might be worth. If a lawyer appears to be making unrealistic promises, a person should remember to use his or her own judgment and make a decision based on that opinion.

#4: Which Attorney Will Be Handling My Case?

At some larger firms, the lawyer that a person meets with will ultimately not be the person who handles that individual’s case. It is important to ask this question to make sure that the attorney that you meet with will be the lawyer who will actually be tasked with handling your case.

#5: Does the Attorney Have the Time Necessary to Focus on My Case?

Many attorneys have busy schedules and do not have the room to fully focus on additional cases. Other lawyers are known to sit on cases and file a lawsuit shortly before the applicable statute of limitations expires. Ask an attorney if he or she has other cases pending and how much of the attorney’s time can be dedicated to your case.

#6: What Participation Will be Required in the Lawsuit?

Lawsuits involve a varying degree of participation from individuals. Understand your role and what is expected before obtaining the assistance of an attorney. While some individuals who are passionate about their case might wish to remain more engaged with matters, other individuals might not have the ability to dedicate as much time to their lawsuit.

#7: Is it Too Late to Pursue Compensation?

Depending on the type of injuries that a person experiences, he or she might have a very short amount of time in which to initiate a lawsuit after an injury. Failure to file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires will leave a person unable to pursue compensation for injuries.

#8: How Long Will the Case Take to Resolve?

It is critical for accident victims to understand how long it will take before they are compensated for their injuries. Not only will a person be able to anticipate how long it will be before the person receives compensation, it is important to anticipate how long a person’s life will be disrupted by the legal process. An attorney should be able to provide a client with an estimate of how long a case should take.

#9: Can an Attorney Provide References from Past Clients?

Past client references can provide individuals with a strong understanding of what an attorney is like to work with and the likelihood of success in a case.

#10: Has the Attorney Received Any Accolades from Organizations?

There are various established agencies that assign attorneys accolades for strong performance. These can be one sign that an attorney is better recognized than competitors in the field.

Contact a Seasoned Accident Attorney

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