New Jersey Accident Laws That Protect You

The New Jersey Department of Transportation reports that in 2017 there were 270,331 vehicle collisions in the state. Many of these accidents resulted in injuries as well as fatalities. While this number is lower than the number of accidents that occurred in the state in 2005, it still represents a substantial number of people.

For people who have been injured in accidents, deciding how to proceed can be an overwhelming and even frightening ordeal. Fortunately, there are a number of laws in New Jersey that protect your ability as an accident victim. The following will review some areas of New Jersey insurance laws that protect people after accidents occur.

Protection Under the No-Fault System

New Jersey is one of a small number of states that follow no-fault insurance laws. Many accident victims are protected under this law because the no-fault system results in a driver’s insurance coverage paying for medical treatment for anyone covered by an insurance policy despite who caused the accident.

“Basic Policies” and Protection From Legal Action

Policyholders in New Jersey who enter into a “basic policy” are limited in their right to sue. Drivers in these actions are only able to pursue legal action if the driver responsible for an accident either killed an accident victim or caused an accident victim to lose a body part, become significantly disfigured or scarred, receive a displaced fracture, lose a fetus, or receive any other type of permanent injury.

As a result of this limitation, drivers in New Jersey are often protected from facing legal action after an accident occurs provided the other involved parties have purchased “basic policy” insurance.

Insurance Coverage and Damage Protection

To make sure that drivers who are injured in accidents are able to pay for damage that results from an accident, the state of New Jersey requires drivers to carry coverage that has at least the following basic limits:

Drivers frequently decide to also purchase bodily injury coverage, which helps to provide protection for damages that the opposing parties’ insurance fails to cover.

For individuals who want an even greater degree of protection for their assets, however, it is often a wise idea to pursue options besides a basic policy.

“Standard Policies” and Preserving the Right to Sue

A person in New Jersey who purchases a “standard policy,” however, has the option of deciding between a limited or unlimited right to pursue legal action. To make sure that your rights to pursue legal action are preserved after an accident occurs, it is a wise idea to purchase the unlimited right to pursue legal action, even though it is frequently more expensive than other alternatives.

By purchasing this policy, however, a person can make sure that the right to obtain compensation for emotional suffering and other damages is preserved.

Speak with a New Jersey Accident Attorney

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