Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

The commercial trucking industry is a vital component of the American economy, transferring goods over vast distances through the nation’s highway systems. For passenger vehicles, however, the benefit these trucks provide is often overshadowed by the risks of personal injury that can result from accidents with these motorized behemoths.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has created fact sheets aimed at improving the safety of both commercial truck operators and anyone with whom they may share the road. Read on for common causes of trucking accidents.

Driving Behavior of Passenger Vehicles

The driving behavior of passenger vehicles is often the cause of accidents with commercial trucking vehicles. Car drivers often take for granted how a commercial truck’s size and weight ultimately impact its ability to maneuver on different types of roadways. When passenger vehicles treat commercial trucks like other passenger vehicles, the risk of accidents and subsequent personal injury is likely to increase.

Drivers of passenger vehicles may not be aware of the “No-Zones” associated with sharing the road with commercial trucks. Similar to the blind spots often taught in driver’s education courses, no-zones are the areas around a truck that drivers should be aware of when traveling down a roadway. Specifically, the areas behind and beside a commercial truck should be avoided, as the driver often has limited to zero visibility of these areas.

Changing lanes directly in front of a truck is another common cause of traffic accidents and subsequent personal injury. Car drivers often fail to remember that the momentum carried by large trucks as they travel down the road makes it impossible for them to come to a complete stop suddenly. Therefore, truck drivers need to always maintain a safe space between themselves and any vehicle in front of them. When cars suddenly move in front of a truck as they approach an area where stopping is necessary, it will likely require the truck driver to take emergency evasive action.

Another common cause of accidents between passenger vehicles and trucks involves situations where the passenger vehicle attempts to drive between two large trucks. Car drivers often do not anticipate the power and force of wind that is generated from the undercarriage of commercial truck trailers at high speeds. The force of these gusts can cause a small car to “pinball” between the two trucks.

Driving Behavior of Commercial Truck Drivers

One common cause of accidents resulting in personal injury stems from the inadequate training that commercial truck drivers receive. Operating a commercial vehicle requires a specific technique that is honed over time. When drivers are certified before they are truly prepared, it can result in disaster.

When to Seek Professional Legal Counsel

The role of negligence is a critical consideration when deciding whether or not to pursue litigation after an accident. When car drivers believe that the personal injury they suffered was due to the truck driver’s negligence or inadequate training, it is a good idea to seek the counsel of an experienced local personal injury attorney.

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