Property Damage After a Motorcycle Crash: What Riders Should Know

Personal injury attorneys help injured accident victims recover compensation for their damages.  However, they also assist accident victims who may not be receiving fair treatment from their insurance company after filing an accident claim for property damage. If you are struggling to secure compensation for losses incurred in an accident, reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney for help.

Documenting Property Damage

As an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can attest, proper documentation of any injury or property damage is imperative for any subsequent litigation to be successful for the plaintiff. Motorcycle riders involved in an accident that results in property damage must be able to document and prove the following elements:

  • The plaintiff was involved in a motorcycle crash. Proving there was an accident can be accomplished in many ways, especially with today’s technology such as onboard dashboard cameras on vehicles and helmet cameras used by motorcycle riders, as well as security camera footage logged at a variety of different public or private establishments.
  • As a result of this crash, the plaintiff’s motorcycle was damaged. Riders are encouraged to take as many pictures as possible of their damaged motorcycle and any other damaged items after an accident occurs.
  • The financial costs associated with the damage to the motorcycle and other gear. Repair estimates from a reputable motorcycle repair shop as well as any receipts for damaged gear are useful in documenting the financial cost of the accident.

When a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident, they should immediately notify the police and file an accident report. Then, the accident victim should seek medical attention to have their injuries documented. After taking these steps, consulting with an experienced local personal injury attorney is always the next best course of action.

Insurance Claims and Property Damage

New Jersey requires all drivers to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance, commonly referred to as “30/60/25 coverage.” This means the policy includes $30,000 of coverage for bodily injury for one person, $60,000 of coverage for more than one person, and $25,000 in coverage for property damage.

In some instances, the insurance company may attempt to settle a motorcycle property damage claim for less than the amount the accident victim feels is deserved. Insurance payouts should be based on the amount the motorcycle should have been worth if it was not damaged in an accident.

An insurance adjuster from the accident victim’s insurance company will review the damage and provide an estimate of reimbursement. You may also have your motorcycle’s damage assessed by your mechanic. Refer to the Kelley Blue Book value of your motorcycle to get a better idea of whether or not a discrepancy exists between what the insurance company is offering and what the motorcycle is worth.

Personal Injury Attorneys and Motorcycle Property Damage Cases

Personal injury attorneys are often assumed to only work with injured accident victims as they fight for compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering after an accident caused by another’s negligence. Many people may not realize that motorcycle accident attorneys are often able to assist accident victims in cases where personal property has been damaged.

For years, the attorneys at the Ferrara & Gable Firm have been helping injured motorcycle riders in and around New Jersey as they pursue compensation for their injuries after an accident. Contact Ferrara & Gable today for a consultation on your case.